We will educate people
to help create world
peace on the earth

IPOE is confident that we can accomplish this difficult task.Today, we as a world, face many problems.Some of these problems are shortage of resources, environmental issues, world financial crisis, poverty and war to name a few.It is essential that we unite to solve these critical issues.
By educating our world, we will create leaders who can achieve new ideas to help solve these problems through this important journey.

IPOE offers original education systems.Becoming a member allows you to start learning immediately.
We want you to discover how important it is to learn from our system and have fun while doing it.
"The secret in education lies in respecting the student."This is a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson.

IPOE welcomes you based on this philosophy.
We respect you as a student and encourage you to learn from our programs.
That is where it all begins!

Recently there have been incidents in regards to the log in information. Someone tried to access and change the account information without getting permitted from the account owner. Please DO NOT let anyone know your account ID and password. If you think someone else might know your password, we strongly recommend that you change your password immediately.

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